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HRMS101 features innovating your world. HRMS101 provide features that make greater motivation and a greater human resources approach to management

  • Roster

    The Roster module assists you in forming rosters for your employees. You can set a date and time for each employee, the admin can check and formulate changes in rosters of all centres. This helps you in checking and maintaining the record.

  • Time sheet

    The Timesheet module with a quick yet comprehensive view for employees to fill their activities, duration, visits. It lets them focus on their real job rather than filling time and its layout will not let them miss any small detail.

  • Leave module

    The Leave module features your leave. It includes everything required in an application for leave from reason to applied date and it’s status. Exerting long procedure of communication with HR.

  • Payroll

    The Payroll option holds an updated sheet of employees with their name, taxes, mode of payment. This option is not just beneficial to the company but for the employee to track their paycheck avoiding future payment conflicts.

  • Chat Module

    The Chat101 module where you can interact with your office employees giving rise to easier and safer communication. This helps in icebreaking among employees and focusing on a harmonious and unity among workplace.

  • Minutes of meeting

    Formulating an event in the HRMS101 app allows you to decide the agenda of the meeting to be discussed. Minutes of meeting shows you the number of people and their text. We can also mention the summary of the meeting as well.

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